Origin, Spring, Environment

Since ancient times, continuously, in these virgin lands with a gentle and pure nature, our ancestors recognized and preserved the sources of crystal mineral waters, which since then, they knew about the healing effects they had for people, who were suffering from the ailments of lukthi, inflammation of the bladder, removal of sand in the channels of the urinary tract, etc.

At the beginning of the new millennium, after many geological investigations, the owner of this undeclared national park in the massif of Bjeshke Žegoci in Kosovo, had the idea that through the development of modern technological capacities, this miracle of nature, already baptized with the name of “DEA” company.

The natural mineral water Dea is a pearl of nature of national proportions, whose inexhaustible sources have the virgin mother of a hilly-mountain belt, whose geology has a depth of 300 m.

It is a miracle of unrepeatable natural resources, a complex layered network of fine sand and an extraordinary filter of mother nature.

The study project, demanding and with research dedication, worked by eminent experts of geohydrology, thanks to ecological scientific preferences and those for the preservation of the environment, has received the green light and has been carried out according to European and world standards. The production and health control capacities are equipped with the most advanced European and world technology.